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What Others Think of You is Not Important: What You Think About Yourself is Also Not Important!

Have you ever heard the saying ”What others think of you is not as important as what you think of yourself” ?

What if what you think of yourself is also not important ?

What if there’s a way to show up to life with more love, connection and curiosity that’s beyond the thinking we do about others and ourselves in any way ? .

You might have noticed in your own life that all the thinking we do fades on it’s own unless we hang onto it in some unconscious way by giving it importance. .

What if the thinking we are making important about ourselves is blocking us from showing up in the most creative and helpful way that’s possible in every moment ?

What if all thoughts are just neutral energy that is flowing through our mind which we do not have to take seriously ?

Would we be more present and attentive to what matters beyond our thinking that which seems to always fade ?

What if the fact that we are showing up is more important than the Thought created image we hold about ourselves ? .

What if who we are being can be outside the thought created perspectives others have of us, or we have about ourselves ? .

Would that make it more simple and easier for us to navigate life ?

In my observations and experience, I have realized that what we think is never solid.

It always fades because the nature of thought is transient. .

It is only when I hang onto the virtual experiences created by my thinking that I become limited in how I can show up to life. .

If I care what I think about myself, I spend energy waking around with a stale image about myself. .

When I don’t care what I think even about myself, I am thrown into the natural richness of life without the worn out experience of my mind that I might be carrying. .

Who we are being and how we show up doesn’t have to depend on that we think about ourselves.

In fact, the more we think about things, the less we are engaged with life. .

What would life look like for you if you don’t care what others think, or you don't care what you think ? .

Experiment for yourself.

It’s a game changer. .


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