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Change Happens On its Own

How we behave out in the world is a direct reflection of what we believe in our heads. Our behaviour doesn’t depend on what others do or say at all. It depends only on the stories we have invented through our interpretations, and taken them to be true. So in other words, if I’m looking out at the world and thinking of how it appears to be so negative, divided and scary, I might start to feel frustrated and angry, Which means I have bought into my interpretation of the story that’s created about what I’m experiencing. If I look at the world and think of how united, loving and supportive it is, I may start to feel hopeful and delighted, which means I have bought into the feelings my thinking has created about my experience of the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s negative or positive, if I am in the world of interpretations, then I’m away from the truth. After all, the truth is where the potential is, and every thought I think is essentially untrue and only held up by my belief in it. When I started to look at the possibility that my assumptions and narratives were actually just a product of my conditioning and not a reflection of someone else’s beliefs, opinions or behaviour, I started to experience the beginning of freedom and potential that was beyond what it looked like in my world of interpretations, opinions and preferences. Which were all part of the story. We are much more useful to the people and the world around us when we are free from any story, whether that is positive or negative. Because the stories our thinking creates seduces us away from who we really are. And the more we are interested in the story, the more we are led away from the potential and possibilities that come from beyond our thoughts.

What I have seen in my own experience lately is that the more I get involved in what my story is about, I start wanting to improve the experience. Whether that is to change things about me or wishing people and circumstances were different then they are, and then wanting to change them.

When I’m wanting to change something in me or what seems outside of me, what I’m implying first is that it’s not good enough. And second, that if I change what I think needs to change, I will feel better.

But as I start to see a deeper truth about what it is I am actually wanting to change, its revealed that all I want is (the story that my mind is creating by all the various thinking that’s going on in my head) to be different.

The issue with this is that when I want something to be different then it is, the best I can get is a rearrangement of the interpretation which is just another story.

Of course when I don’t know that my story is thought created, I unconsciously attach an identity to it and spend energy trying to improve it.

But as soon as I can see that what I think is literally different than who I am, I am all of sudden a bit less serious about the content of my thinking with no effort at all on my part, and I’m not so hell bent on trying to change things.

In my experience, when I don’t attach my identity to the story my thinking creates, I am back into the potential behind the story. And it is in this space that the ripe and fertile energy does what i it needs to, and if it needs to change things, then things change...on their own.

Often times, without me even noticing what changed until much later in reflection.

That is a powerful transformation.

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