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Are You Willing To Be Inspired ?

Do you feel like sometimes you are not inspired to do anything ? . Do you feel that you have to push yourself to be motivated or use self discipline for you to move through your day or week ? And when you hear people say that inspiration just happens.

It comes to mind on its own.

You can’t make it happen. You think to yourself, ”I’m not waiting for that sh!t to happen, I’m gonna make it happen” . Then you find yourself spent and exhausted after a while wondering how long you have to keep this up for Well, the truth is that inspiration actually does just occur on its own It happens naturally and can not be forced. We get inspirational and insightful ideas when we experience fresh thoughts that are beyond our circular daily thinking patterns. Therefore, it is helpful to create space in our minds for that to occur. But us being inspired naturally in an organic way is just half the part. The other half is about setting your environment up for that to happen. If you’re watching the news daily, scrolling social media or stuck in your habitual thinking patterns, it’s going to be hard to experience an insightful and inspirational thought. But if you read books, talk to people that think differently than you and change your daily routine just a little bit, then you’re giving your mind some space to experience new thinking. Our minds are filled with what we point our attention to each day. . - Be willing to disrupt your attention. . - Be willing to experience the full potency of inspiration.

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