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How To Be More Productive

I often get asked from my clients how to be more productive.

They might have a week where they feel they haven’t got much done or they haven’t got enough done.

They sometimes tell me that their productivity goes in and out and they cant be consistently productive.

They also tell me how they have tried so many techniques and strategies to be productive but they never seem to stick. And I can totally relate.

I was the same.

I could never be consistently productive.

It was always wishy washy.

And it didn’t matter what strategies I implemented, it never got me to a space where I was not always thinking about how to be more productive.

That is until I discovered that being productive is a byproduct.

It’s a result.

A side effect.

And a side effect is not something that we can focus on to improve.

Because a side effect is something that occurs on its own. In the context of productivity, what needs to be looked at is how creative, and inspired we are, not how productive we are.

Because when we are inspired, we are productive.

And when we are curious, we are motivated.

That’s the way it becomes effortless and consistent. . If you can be creative about something that heavily inspires you, you won’t even notice when you started being so productive.

It will just occur. And if you can be curious about something that lights you up, then you won’t know even notice when you became so not motivated.

Because again, it just occurs as a side effect. So the next time you feel like your not productive, or you feel you need to be motivated - look for inspiration, become curious, and get creative. . And see what changes in your levels of productivity and motivation. . How can you be more creative then you currently are ? . How can you be even more curious then you currently are ? . The answer is always within us, not in the strategies we try and imitate. . Happy exploring.

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