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How Does Your Wisdom Communicate ?

Thought that always nudges us in subtle ways is how wisdom communicates with us. It’s lighthearted, fresh and and has a sense of deep connection to it that is hard to miss. It usually speaks to me in a gentle way inviting me to notice the direction it is pointing me towards. . Such as -... - Maybe you can try it this way. . - You don’t need to do this. . - Look over here, this might work. Wisdom doesn’t usually come roaring in as some extraordinary and miraculous sea parting way. It has a very ordinary, kind and mild quality to it. . I have never experienced wisdom to be aggressive or tell me what I “should” or “have” to do. . That’s usually a product of my conditional and habitual thinking. . I did not know this for most of my life. . I misunderstood. . I imagined that the compelling thoughts that felt scary, worrisome or even exciting were the ones I should be paying attention to and take action on, and the ones that were soft and delicate were unnecessary and to be ignored because they will not contribute towards serious action. . Boy was I wrong. . It turns out, that the gracious and affectionate thoughts are actually the ones that are coming through wisdom and are of the highest quality. They aren’t anchored in opinions or conclusions. . These are the ones that are our best guides and have an intuitive characteristic to it. When I discovered that my compelling and impulsive thoughts were a consequence of the many refined programs that were running my intellect, and were not actual reflections of reality but only mirrors of conceptualized and accumulated knowledge, I started to listen to these wise nudges much more and was pleasantly led into making better decisions in my work, relationships, health, leadership, and all aspect of life. . At times, when I forget that the best quality of thinking is not one that is filled with ambition or desire, but ones that are based in love and understanding, I can get tricked by it and take it to be true. But now with the awareness that thoughts and feelings that are compelling are not as helpful as

thoughts and feelings which are rooted in soft inclinations, I succumb less to my habitual and repeated patterns of thinking and find myself more curious to explore the nudges wisdom always offers. .

This shift in listening has had the most exponential impact on my life and how I show up for my clients, relationships, work and myself and how I respond to life.

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