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We Don't Need to Solve Our Emotions

When we experience intense emotions we often think they’re going to last a long time and never leave us. (Like the top diagram in the picture) Because emotions make our senses come alive and shift our perspective. And when we trust the state of mind we’re in when our perspective is not clear, we buy into the story it is selling us. . But when we can understand that our feelings are just reflections of the current thinking that is filling up our mind, and that the nature of thought is that they fade on their own without any doing on our part, then we allow the emotions that are in our experience to take their natural course and leave on their own.

Which happens to be a much less intense experience. (Like the diagram at the bottom of the pic) We don’t need to solve our emotions no matter how intense they get.

Because emotions are not a problem to be solved, they are just energy in motion running through our system.

They need to be felt and then they will leave. .

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