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Podcast Interview

I was invited to be interviewed as a guest on the EKHŌ podcast just before 2019 ended.

EKHŌ is a Global community showcasing real stories from real people. We had a great conversation. I talk about many topics here. We got into speaking about. * How my insecurity had me living life from that level of behaviour until I understood what insecurity was. . * How I was such a people pleaser and developed masks and identities to support that. * How my arrogance and naivety misled me in my younger years.

* How I got into a gang related life in my youth. * What kind of coaching I do nowadays. * My journey with Tim Hortons. * Why I chased money. * How not knowing that I had distorted perspectives had me trusting them and making decisions from that state of mind. * Why I was sacred to face myself and how I hid that. * I was doing the best I knew how, until I knew better, just like everyone else. * How describing my emotions helped me manage them, but understanding them helped me forgive myself rediscover myself. * How I went from trying to accept myself to celebrating myself by creating space between me and my story. * How you can have a better relationship with your Children, and have them know that you’ve got their back. If you’re interested in listening in to this conversation, you can click here to listen to our chat.


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