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It's Just Another Scam!

Most of us try and cultivate gratitude, confidence, resilience, happiness, self esteem and well being not knowing that they already exist as part of our true nature.

And one of the reasons we do this is because we identify more with the stories our thoughts create, than the space before or between the thoughts.

See, our stories always trick us in making us believe that we lack something.

Whatever it is we are ultimately looking for, whether it's confidence, well being, resilience or just a better grounding of ourselves and life, which is usually on everyone's list, is actually naturally built into our system.

And whatever we think is true in terms of our lack is actually created by our thinking.

There is an intelligence that creates and there is a created world.

We are the intelligence that creates.

And our thinking mind is part of the already created world.

When we can realize the part of us that is the intelligence that creates, we are less likely to be scammed by the temporary stories that tells us we lack something.

And so we won't go looking for things we think we need that we actually already have.

Working for something like confidence or happiness happens only because we believe our thinking, and that is exactly what gets us stuck in a pattern of chasing it continuously.

But the moment we see that what we are working for already exists and it reveals itself when our thinking settles, we can fire ourself from the position of working so hard to cultivate something that is built in as part of the default system within us.

And when we lose that job, there is a deeper space, a grounding to life and to ourselves, that allows for a different richness of inspiration to emerge.

A deeper engagement with the reality of life, regardless of how compelling our stories are to us.

And with that deeper engagement and richness of inspiration, we can live out more of our potential than we can ever imagine with our little mind.

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