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The CPR of Life Podcast - A Conversation about Relationships

It was an absolute Joy for me to get into a conversation with Jessie-Lynn Macdonald in her podcast #cproflife and talk about all kinds of different things. We talked everything from... . . 🔹How looking for a sense of belonging in my teenage years led me down a path of confusion and gang related lifestyle. . . 🔹How as a youth I immersed myself into an unhelpful direction and WHY a conscious direction is useful for teenagers. . . 🔹How I discovered the difference between wisdom and my personal mind and how that relates to my experiences of life. . . 🔹How I look at my past differently now. . . 🔹What kind of coaching I do. . . 🔹Why having a sense of grounding before creating wonderful things in life is much more sustainable and effortless. . . 🔹My relationship with my family and everyone else in my world from youth to adulthood. . . 🔹How my understanding of guilt and shame that I held on to for years changed in the most simple way. . . 🔹The false images I developed in life just to fit in. . . 🔹My relationship with myself. .

. . ...And so so much more.

If you want to listen to our conversation, you can visit this link below.

Be sure you subscribe to the podcast and check out all the other amazing guests and diverse, in depth, transformative conversations she has with everyone she invites.

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