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Enhancing The Player

Some Tupac wisdom to reflect on for this morning. If you’re anything like me, then you are a Tupac fan.

And if you are really like me, then you have also gotten stuck trying to evaluate and analyze something after it has already happened, when there’s nothing you can do about it. Now, while I see the benefit of reflecting on how we can be more aware of ourselves as we take let in what occurs in life, I certainly don’t see any good in analyzing the event or circumstance itself.

And that's my interpretation of what i'm reading from this Tupac quote above. When we reflect on our own judgements, perspectives and conclusions, we can come away a bit more aware of ourselves .

But when our attention is pointed towards a situation or event that has happened, such as a business loss, relationship break up, or another life challenge that is unusually bigger than the normal in our journey, then we miss the chance to learn about ourselves and get stuck in analyzing what is already now in the past. In other words, if we are looking at how something could’ve been better, we are not upgrading ourselves and this can lead to overthinking ourselves into sort of a victim state or mood which will not move us forward because our full attention is not pointed towards us. It is fragmented between looking at us and the situation.

But if we don’t look at the situation at all and only look at how we can show up differently, we then are not the victim of any circumstance anymore because we’re not looking at game that we can not change, but rather now, we are the conscious participant in our next activity because we are looking at the player of the game. The game (situation) is over, but the player (ourself) continues.

So it only makes sense that we look at how the player can be enhanced.

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