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Top 5 Insights of 2019 - #5

I thought i would share my top 5 insights of 2019 that have helped me see more about myself, others and life. And hopefully you can find them useful for your life.

Over the next few weeks, i will share them all slowly.

In no particular order, This is insight #5




It enables us to explore new heights in our learning and allows us to discover more of what intrigues us.

What I have learned about curiosity in 2019 shifted how I started to show up for life.

Previous to that, I looked at curiosity in comparison.

Be curious, not conclusive.

Be curious, rather than being opinionated.

Be curious, instead of being knowledgeable.

While that approach was useful and served me well in exposing my own limited and unconscious patterns, what I didn’t see was that I was making my curiosities and conclusions about something that was outside of me, which was why at best my curiosity would only circle around what I believed to be true about myself, others, and life.

And it is also why sometimes it was helpful and had me in states of wonder, and sometimes I found myself struggling to be curious.

As I still learn this myself, here’s the insight that shifted things for me and helped me see more.


I love this quote by physicist Dr Richard Feynman. “It has to do with curiosity, it has to do with people wondering what makes someone do something. What we are looking for is how everything works. What makes everything work.”

For me, the second part to that quote speaks to being curious not about what’s outside of me, but to point my curiosity inwards and see whether what I am questioning is only inside what I already believe, or am I willing to be curious about how my curiosity is being formed within me.

And a good sign for me to see if I am only curious about what I already believe is to notice whether I am in agreement or disagreement with what I am looking at.

When I am being curious inside of what I already believe, then the belief acts as a Foundation and I am viewing through the lens of agreement vs disagreement, which may help me see what some of my unconscious limits are, but I’m also faced with being resistant to what’s outside my own understanding.

Where as if I am willing to be curious beyond what I believe and look towards exploring as Dr Feynman says “... what makes everything work...” then I find myself looking with a lens that’s much more helpful than agreeing or disagreeing, and my understanding of myself, others and life, gets an upgrade.

The recognition that belief itself is only my interpretation of experience, and that if I get curious beyond what I am interpreting, or what I think I know, then my sense of wonder goes further than just a comparison or conclusion, and advances my potential to unfold regardless of my knowledge or experiences.

See, our potential is always fertile, in the present, and ready to be expressed if we can only be curious beyond the limits that hold us.

And our limits, are held up only by our beliefs.

If you want to experiment with your own curiosity, consider if you’re willing to be curious beyond what you agree, what you believe, and what you ultimately understand about what you’re looking for a breakthrough in.

Can you be curious about a new approach that’s beyond what you believe to be solutions towards your challenges in relationships ? Can you be curious about a new way of looking at money altogether that’s beyond what you understand ?

Can you be curious beyond what you think is true about how to be more in harmony with others and life ?

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