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You Are A Master Of Joy

At times we forget that we are naturally masters of curiosity, joy and optimism.

We all come equipped this way from the beginning of our life.

This is why when we were children we are constantly amazed with life. Then as we grow up, we innocently become more interested in our thinking more than life itself by no fault of our own.

And as our awareness points more towards our thinking, we start to feel heavy, because that’s what happens when we have our attention on our thoughts. We are then automatically taken out of experiencing reality in front of us, and we try sorting out the thinking that is making us feel heavy. And you might have noticed by now that if you try to sort out what you are thinking and feeling, you’re gonna need more thinking to do that.

Which is exactly what gets us stuck in cycles of over thinking and leads to heavy feelings, which then leads to dysfunctional and inauthentic behaviour. Then comes the dreaded game we find ourselves in of attempting to escape this heaviness that’s created by the feelings we have been trying to sort out. Some of us then become extremely self conscious.

Some of us become insecure.

Some of us become anxious.

And if you’re like me, then you become all 3. When we act out from these confusing states in our mind, we create all kinds of disasters and chaos. Our relationships can suffer, our health can suffer, we can start to rely on coping mechanisms, we create conflict with others, we distant or isolate ourselves. We become out of touch with expressing our feelings in a healthy way. There is a very simple way to get out of this.

We don’t need to sort out any of our thinking or emotions.

What we can do is understand how the creative process inside of us works altogether. And once we start to see from a wider perspective how our thinking creates our feelings, and how our attention governs what we experience, we can live life in a much healthier and peaceful way. From this point, life doesn’t look like something to sort out, but instead looks like something to be amazed with constantly with curiosity, joy and optimism.

Just like when we were children.

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