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Are You Too Hard on Yourself ?

Have you ever fallen down while you are walking or running ? How hard are you on yourself for falling down? I’m guessing not so much.

You might be a bit embarrassed for missing a step, but ultimately you understand that you forgot how gravity works for a second and tripped over something. You don’t think less of yourself. You don’t dwell over the fall for days and years to come. You don’t question your worthiness or potential. Because you understand how gravity works and that it’s okay if you fall.

And you know that dwelling over you falling down is not useful to carry around in your life. . It works the exact same way with our thinking. . Have you ever made a decision you have regretted later ? Have you taken an action that wasn’t aligned with you are ? It’s okay.

All that is happening there is the psychological version of falling down. . We make mistakes when we forget how our thinking works.

We misuse it in the moment.

We make choices that don’t serve us.

That’s us falling down.

It’s okay to fall down.

It means nothing except that we have used our thinking unwisely. . It doesn’t mean anything about our worth or potential. . It doesn’t mean anything about our abilities, our alignment or our self in any way . It only means we got tripped up by our thinking.

And that’s okay.

The difference in us either dwelling on our choices, and carrying them around with us while we question our worthiness, VS allowing ourselves to be okay with making mistakes and not having it question our capabilities is simply understanding how our thinking works. When we can understand that our thinking is not us, and that we will get blind-sighted sometimes by the lack of perspectives it creates for us, then we treat it exactly like when we fall down.

Say oops, and carry on! My invitation to you today, is to look at where yu might be hard on yourself simply because you might have misused your thinking in the moment ? Can you see it as just a temporary fall ? . Can you carry on walking regardless of the fall ? . Can you carry on exploring your potential regardless of how you think?

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