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My personality was always trying to fix everything when really there wasn't anything broken to begin with, which made my life a lot harder than it ever needed to be.

In addition to trying to fix everything I was also trying to rush through life which was never sustainable. Shenan helped me slow down, and this gave me the clarity and vision to see what's actually in front of me right now which has led me to making much better decisions.

Slowing down has also allowed me to do more that I could ever imagine.

I spend more of my time and energy on what matters now. I have the free time to hang out with my friends and family while working very little and still maintain the same income.

Another big change that has really affected me is making my life into a big game to play. When I’m not so serious about everything, it allows me to be bolder in all areas of my life.

When everything is a game anything is possible.

I have been able to do so many great things in the last year just from making a game out of it.

Shenan also showed me that when I see everything with Love and compassion I can do no wrong. It has opened up my life beyond what I imagined and I wouldn't know what to do without it now.

 - Chad Bett, Real Estate Professional and Business Owner

I signed up for Shenan’s 6-month Program because I was struggling with not knowing how to find inspiring clients for my Transformative Health Business on an ongoing sustainable manner.

I had tried all sorts of courses out there on how to build a business and find clients but none of them gave me a solid foundation. Yes, I did learn a few strategies and techniques but that was pretty much it. I was feeling overwhelmed and totally overloaded with information that wasn’t working and I felt lost. 

I was also starting to seriously doubt whether it was really possible to create a Transformative Health Business where I helped people with customized 1:1 programs, made great income, and was inspired by my clients all at the same time. 

The way that I was looking at the world was preventing me from creating the life and business I wanted. 

Specifically, I did not know how to create my life from the inside out, and that is because I didn’t understand about the nature of thought. But now I know! 

Signing up for Shenan’s Program is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

Not only did Shenan help me with creating the business that I want, he helped me to completely change the way I look at the world.

In every Coaching experience, Shenan made me feel understood and loved. He listened to me and helped me see my blind spots, my potential, my humanness, my passion, and how connected I already am to the abundance that I seek.

Shenan helped me to not only deeply understand about the nature of thought, he helped me see it beyond my conceptual ideas around it. 

And you might be asking, “What does understanding about the nature of thought have anything to do with building a business?”


It completely changed my life, my business, and the way I relate to people.

It made my life become lighter, fuller, and more peaceful. 

I found it extremely helpful that Shenan is brutally honest and SO loving at the same time. That made our coaching sessions flow nicely and helped me to be even more open to expanding my mind in amazing ways it had never been. 

Shenan really cares. He gets in the court with you every step of the way. He goes out of his way to serve you. I cannot count how many times, in between our sessions, he made extra personalized videos and sent extra helpful materials to help me especially during a hard week or project I was in the middle of.

He is truthful, kind, and loving and brought out qualities within me I didn't even know I had. 

One of my favourite things about working with Shenan is that he is fun and lighthearted. Such a pleasure to work with him.

He taught me how to slow down and focus on one high quality step at a time.  

As a result of coaching with Shenan I am now able to create the life that I really want in every aspect. 

I have now more than doubled what I paid to work with Shenan, I work with people that deeply inspire me, and I am more clear about my business and myself than I’ve ever been.

Shenan made me truly 'see' and understand how powerful I am.

If you want to meet and get to know the powerful YOU that you're carrying around all the time, and if you want to know how to use that power to create the life you dream of, you've got to work with Shenan. 


- Helena Bianchi, Biochemist and Holistic Nutritionist

When I think of where I was last year and now today, the words that immediately pop into my mind are inner peace.


I started with Shenan down the coaching path not knowing what to really expect. What I do know is that it has made a tremendous impact on my life in a relatively short amount of time.

I am a Marine Biologist by trade, but entered the entrepreneurial world several years ago. When I connected with Shenan in early 2016, I was in the process of wanting to up level my business from a national to an international platform.  My dream has always been to dedicate myself in service to this beautiful planet.

My passion for this is so strong and I really wanted to have a much bigger impact in the world. I understand how imperative it is to create awareness of why we need to protect our natural resources and make sure the planet is in better condition for all future generations. 

Within one year of working with Shenan, I can now say that my dream is a reality. I work with people all over the world and I have an international platform for conscious entrepreneurs who are also world changers making an impact and creating change for the betterment of our planet.

I will also be going into partnership with a well-known and well-established singer, song writer, and producer out in California. He creates lyrics all based around the environment. His people contacted me a few months ago and were impressed with my eco platform. The two of us have been talking and found a synergistic alignment. We will be collaborating together to educate youth on protecting the planet. We will use the art of music as a creative outlet to inspire people to take action against climate change and plant millions of trees each year. I am very grateful as I also have the privilege to mentor students in the Marine Biology field.


Working with Shenan has absolutely been part of making my world more beautiful.
His love, support, wisdom, and insights have helped me to grow in the most profound ways. He has helped me to bridge over and up to a better and more powerful me.

Shenan has a true gift of listening well and getting in tune with you on a deep level. He is gentle with you when you need it, and also tough when you need it. There is a delicate balance that goes on during the coaching process that always keeps you on the right path forward. All of the work we have done together has built a solid foundation for my movement forward. I will never go back to my old thinking or my old ways. Shenan has been my rock that keeps me grounded and humbled when I float off from time to time in my head.

The cool part of this whole process with Shenan is that it is done so well with love, care, compassion, and his unwavering mission of serving you, that transformation is easy when WE do the work.

I have so much gratitude for Shenan helping me get to the ultimate version of myself. I love and thank you!

- Tara Lasalla, Marine Biologist and President at Green Me Locally

My goodness! This man! Haha. 

When I met Shenan I felt broken. I was deep in desperation mode. I was stumbling through life. Reacting to everything instead of responding mindfully. I did not grasp the importance of SLOWING DOWN and really LIVING my life.

I had no idea that I was important, because I wasn't even important TO ME. 

So when I met Shenan and he felt otherwise, I honestly thought he was full of shit. Ha-ha! (It's true.)

It took me a 'long time' (about five months) to really understand what he meant. During that time he aided me in so many ways. Just having someone that loves you with no strings attached, who will listen to you, challenge you, forgive you and support you is TREMENDOUS.

Through my coaching relationship with Shenan, I truly understood that I was valuable, that my dreams are valid, and that my life is within MY control. How I feel is within MY control and I can make anything happen. How exciting is that?!

And from this relationship I've learned how to navigate my relationship with others and myself, accept how I feel, and know what is best for me.

When I first started working with Shenan, I wanted to write a book. And with his support as my coach I was able to complete writing two books in one year.

To say I'm grateful for this man and his work is an understatement. This was the most transformative 6 months of my life and I would do it again, and I plan to. I am so grateful for Shenan!


- Holly Johnson, Author

I had the tendency to take myself so seriously and I used to feel more depressed than I would've liked to most of the time.

I also had challenges going out and showing my real self to people. I have come a long way. Now that’s no longer an issue. I haven't felt myself going into depression and I’m being real and vulnerable with people in my life. As a result, it has made my relationship with others so much more meaningful. I go out much more now and build new and genuine relationships. I’m also experiencing my current relationships so much better.

I didn't know what I didn't know and Shenan noticed it.

During our conversations, Shenan helped me detach from my unhelpful thoughts, and this helped me seek more opportunities, have way more fun doing any work, and treat myself so much better. He helped me realize how much time I wasted in my head. Now I’m more action oriented.

I discovered I am divine at all times. I can create whatever I want. I am important. I can be anyone I want to be. I don't need to be one strict personality. I feel free.

Before, I was believing very much on energy. Because of this I was too much in my head always figuring out how my and other people’s energy was. Now, I still believe in energy but I process it quickly and spend time on how can I take more action with what I am able to see.

We human beings create more when we move and have fun.

Now, I have:


1. A job that I wanted

2. I create better relationships

3. I am a better person as a result of understanding myself.

4. I have more time because I don’t waste too much time thinking.

5. I am more in love with life and living it.


I am closer to getting my dream life as I am creating more of what I want.


I see life as full of opportunities. It's a matter of having the courage to go after them. I see opportunities in creating my life where I can have extraordinary relationship, immense wealth, happiness, full of fun, creativity, and a supportive community.

- Manny Singh, Mechanical Engineer

A life coach is gold.


I found that out when I met Shenan and I had the privilege to have him as my coach.

From the beginning, he made me feel comfortable, and remained professional throughout the entire session. I noticed how passionate he is about his work and how seriously he treats all the little things. He asked many questions and took the time to know me and the issues I dealt with.

He helped me identify and change some inaccurate perceptions I had about myself and the world around me.

After the first session, I was so amazed about his abilities to “dig” deep inside your mind and ask questions which will make you discover your inner self and find the strength inside you, that I knew right away I want to discover more.

Shenan has a very good sense about himself. He is considerate and helpful, non-judgmental, and takes you for who and what you are: the perfect human being. With his experience, insights, and character, Shenan is able to turn your world around and bring out the best of you. He is a fine psychologist and I wouldn’t hesitate a moment to recommend him as one of the best.

- Catalina Ciobanu, School Teacher and Lover of Life.

I was drawn to Shenan’s presence, patience, and passion from the moment I first met him. He has a natural calmness and a knack for understanding and seeing people as whole.


Through our coaching sessions, Shenan held a safe and accepting space for me to explore some of my deepest underlying challenges that were continuously coming up in different areas in my life, and he provided me with some great insight and shifts that gave me a whole new, brighter perspective. He helped me to identify my inner gremlins and thought patterns that were holding me back and in turn helped me to create new, more productive ones.


With his tough love and compassion, he continuously challenged me to the edge of my comfort zone which I definitely needed because it helped me to find some of the answers I had been searching for years!


Shenan went above and beyond my expectations in each and every session, and you could tell how focused he was to providing me with the highest class of service and value possible. I highly recommend Shenan Charania! 

- Anita Hisir, Life Coach and Curious Traveller.

Within only the first few sessions with Shenan, in all honesty I could say that it has been a life changing experience.


Shenan was fully present, focused, and non-judgemental. He trusted and guided me to be true to myself and open to possibilities, which I did, in ways I did not even know possible. He didn't push any strict methods or theories on me, which made me feel safe.


Instead, he could relate to my issues and let himself be open to fully listen to me. He challenged me each time and after each session. These challenges, although terrifying at first have helped me to question my ways in dealing with my issues.


I still need a lot of work, but I would like to sincerely thank Shenan for giving me his time and patience in helping me. My experience with him was a truly insightful, inspiring, and heartwarming.”


- Cerria Antika, Mother and Entrepreneur.

Shenan's genuine interest in people and passion to help them succeed was immediately apparent to me in our initial communications. I was excited to see how his coaching could improve my life. 


During our sessions, Shenan helped me change my perspective by stretching my thinking and understanding what I am capable of. Once my eyes were open to the possibilities, he provided valuable resources and information from his own experiences that helped me form my plan to accomplish my life's goal. My life will be forever enriched thanks to having met Shenan and experiencing his powerful coaching.


I would encourage anyone that has the opportunity to experience Shenan's coaching for themselves to make the investment in their future. It could make the difference between an unsatisfying and truly fulfilling life.

- Marcus Young, Project Manager in Technology and Photographer.

Having an opportunity to speak at I Dare You to Speak, I would say was therapeutic for me.

It helped me to piece together my story, and reflect on the path now looking back. It was the process that Shenan facilitated that made it all so transformative for me. Through our work in preparing my speech I began to really take pride in my story, which helped me to present it with passion and excitement to my audience on the day of the event.

I was also able to revisit past emotions and thoughts that were experienced in those pivotal moments along my journey so that I could bring my story to life, but also begin to let go of the lingering past. For anyone contemplating this opportunity, I say seize it! This is your chance to be daring and speak your truth to the world!


- Anita Hisir, Life Coach and Curious Traveller
(Speaker at 'I Dare You to Speak' Events)

I'm so happy and grateful that I followed my inspiration and chose to speak at I Dare You To Speak.  I'm also hugely appreciative to Shenan for creating this outstanding platform.  He went way above and beyond in supporting me through the process of crafting my talk, and in guiding me to connect with my personal experiences in profound ways. My intention in speaking at this event was to gain greater clarity on the most powerful wisdom I've gleaned from my life experiences.  I certainly achieved that clarity and I got a whole lot more out of this experience as well.  My conviction and my burning desire to share have significantly increased as a result of speaking, and the energy that I show up with as a coach has positively intensified. I definitely encourage anyone who feels a calling in their souls to say YES and embrace this amazing opportunity. Share your gold baby! I want to hear your story!  


- Jodi Piotrowski, Life Coach and Playful Creator. 
(Speaker at 'I Dare You to Speak' Events)

To say Shenan has helped me grow and move forward in my life would be an understatement. To be able to talk at "I Dare You to Speak" about my deepest secrets, wounds and healing has given me freedom. I can see how my story is just a story, we all have one, and when we come to peace with it most of the fears we carry can dissolve. No longer hiding from the world, I have gained even more confidence in the endeavors I plan to carry out this year. It has been a pleasure and honour to have Shenan guide me into a state of vulnerability and bravery - igniting confidence and inspiration to continue to move more and more into the light and be seen. He has a talent for empowering what is within each of us - and you can trust that he puts the highest good of anyone he works with at the forefront. I will always appreciate the touch he has had on my life. 


- Sonya Lagare. 
Yoga Teacher and Self Love Advocate. 
(Speaker at 'I Dare You to Speak' Events)

Years of therapy rolled into one short month! Shenan’s commitment to helping me prepare for my talk at I Dare You to Speak took me deeper than I could have ever imagined. His commitment and dedication to my success surpassed my expectations. He is gifted at supporting you in such an intimate, trusting, and loving way, that your best light can fully shine through. I walked out of my experience transformed. A powerful ally on my life journey!


- Nathalie Dignard
Artist and Creative Guide
(Speaker at 'I Dare You to Speak' Events)
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