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Listen To The Source.

Have you ever noticed that when you're listening to someone who is either crying while expressing their feelings, or laughing hysterically about something that excites them that you're not paying so much attention to the content of their words?

You feel their presence and you connect with that automatically with no effort.

Think about someone who speaks a foreign language. You can immediately connect with their feelings and the state they're in without understanding their words.

It's almost like when you're listening to rain falling or the ocean waves. You're not trying to make sense of each drop of rain or the sound of each crashing wave. You just let it fall within you.

You're listening from a deeper and quieter space inside of you.

And the beautiful part is that it's the most effortless way to listen and connect because it's so ordinary.

That kind of listening is how you listen to the deeper intelligence within you.

It is what has guided us our entire lives.

Its far above and beyond conceptual knowledge, philosophies, theories, research and practices. This listening that's completely natural and effortless to all of us equally, is the source of all the creativity, inspiration and productivity we ever need.

And that source is where insight happens.

The most impact, resources and love comes from this space.

To connect with it, all we ever have to do is keep looking in that direction. Nothing else is needed.

We don't need to drop any past knowledge or unlearn any concepts. We don't need to do deep layers of work on ourselves. We don't need to heal our inner child. We don't need to eliminate any past programming or conditioning. We don't need to change our thoughts. We don't need to reframe our perspectives. We don't need to be careful of how we filter reality.

All we need to do is to gracefully look in the direction of the source more and more and all of it gets revealed.

Keep the faith in the unchanging, unchangeable reality.

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