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Finding Clarity

When looking to solve a challenging issue in life, every one of us can get caught up in different narratives and scenarios that play out in our heads, and at times can feel so compelling to us that it covers up our vision to use our abilities wisely.

When we are stuck in that space of aimless perspective, it feels uncomfortable. Sometimes, so much so that we can’t seem to see past it, and it can look like we have completely lost our clarity and ourselves. It’s hard to find hope in this space when it looks chaotic. However, if we can see that our perspectives do change automatically as our thinking changes. And that the level of internal chaos or discomfort is never the same continuously. (The levels go up and down throughout the day) Then as we start to be more aware that it is not an established position we are in, we can automatically let it be. Our ability to be aware of the mental chaos, the feelings produced by it, and the fact that the levels of intensity aren’t the same gives us real time evidence that what changes within us, is not a reflection of what we are facing or ourselves in anyway. And what always remains the same and never changes (the ability to be aware) is who we actually are. We are that awareness that never changes. At times, when there is a frenzy inside of me, I have found it most helpful to remember three facts about the nature of my personal mind. (1) It is always changing and never permanent. Because my thinking always changes. (2) When my mind is clear, I am more available to creative solutions of a higher quality than when I have a turbulent mind.

(3) I am more valuable and have a childlike curiosity about solutions when I am grounded.

I often get asked by my clients about how they can get more into that space of clarity and be grounded so they can find healthier and more helpful solutions. . The fastest and easiest way seems to be to leave our mind alone. . We don’t need to go into our mind and sort out the content with any techniques, strategies or rituals.

Trying to mess with the process actually makes the turbulence stay longer.

Leave it alone.

When we can let our mind just be and not interfere with it by trying to change our thoughts, manage our levels of chaos, or use our best coping strategies to get out of that turbulence, our mind automatically and effortlessly corrects itself back to its calm and peaceful state.

Because that’s how it’s designed.

Where most of us have trouble with this is that we take our self created worries with us even when we switch tasks.

Which propagates a distorted mind and becomes like a bowl of muddy water that we are trying to see through.

As Alan Watts says - “muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone” So if you’re looking to clear your mind to have a more capable and effective view towards challenges you may face, or something you want to create in your life, experiment with leaving your thoughts and feelings alone and simply go towards what it is you are facing while remembering that your best resource is never the changing mind you experience, but it is the awareness and ability to notice it all that’s going to help you.

And as you point that attention towards the task that’s in front of you more and more, and towards the chaos in your mind less, you will spontaneously be setting yourself up for clarity and fresh ideas using the best resource available to you.

Which is the genius human capacity and creative potential that is behind all experience.

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