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It's an Inside Job!

Change happens in our lives by looking at the process of how our perspectives and experiences are created from within us.

It’s an inside job.

There is nothing in our external world that has become that way without it first being created internally.

The smartphone, which allows us to have access to incredible depth of information at the palm of our hands and make life more convenient and communication easier was someone’s thought at one point.

It was an internal creation.

The invention of the airplane, which has expanded connection, travel and business exponentially was once just a thought in someone’s mind.

It was an internal creation.

It’s the exact same as all the wars, the confusion and misunderstandings in our world today.

It all started as an internal creation.

And it’s also the same with our own personal lives and the society we live in. Whatever state our lives are in and the issues we face currently in our communities, they were all created internally first. If this is the case, then we simply cannot change the external world, whether on a small or large scale, without looking at our inner selves. It’s a futile attempt at styling busy trying to make changes on the outside without looking inside at how the processes of our experience and realities are created.

The good news is, once we look inside, the external already has the chance to get reshaped in a sustainable way. Simply by looking internally and understanding how we as human beings work, we become more conscious of our own creative process and how we are either using or misusing the creativity.

Misusing creativity creates unwanted conflict and chaos. Using creativity consciously creates harmony and inclusiveness.

Whether that is in our own personal lives, or on a global scale. The process is the exact same.

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