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Chill Out & Relax to See More

The human mind is always thinking up storms that don’t actually exist.

It’s continuously telling us what the worst case might be.

And when we get fooled by it, we can find ourselves frustrated, stressed out and hopeless.

It doesn’t matter if we are looking at our own personal life, or global issues.

The truth is, we cannot find solutions from a frustrated point of view.

That’s a fact each one of us has experienced.

We can only find arguments and very well polished research of how big the issue is when we approach it with a frustrated mind full of data. (Thinking)

This doesn’t help us come up with solutions.


What helps is to chill out and relax.

Chill out and relax does not mean ignore and do nothing about it.

It means let your mind clear and come back to it from a neutral position.

That can only be done when we’re relaxed.

When we can step away from what the mind creates, we make ourselves available to creativity, insight, and fresh ideas.

And that helps us find the solutions of the highest quality.

Step away.


Chill out

And then come back with fresh eyes.

You will find yourself with more energy and awareness towards whatever it is you are facing.

You don’t have to listen to the stormy environment in your mind.

You can listen to your peaceful, inclusive, and loving nature instead.

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