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Enjoy Being Who You Are

We are so trained and conditioned by the world around us to wait to start until we are “perfect” so that we can reach a “perfect” result before we fully celebrate ourselves. Trained to reach “perfection” that is based on a completely made up model of what “perfection” is. Trained to be a “perfect” imposter based on the distorted stock of knowledge we have gathered that we try and live up to. Trained to buy into our “perfectly” created imaginative stories that are completely baseless. Trained to wait for all our ducks to be in a “perfect” row before we start. Trained to chase a “perfect” image of reality which is really just a projection of the interpretations we hold, of the conditional thinking, that holds us. The reality is that if we can simply create a bit of space between our real self --- which isn’t any of the images, identities, projections, knowledge or conditions we have accumulated --- we then actually start to live in a way that is less restricted and controlled by our clearly less than perfect views we have been trained to believe. The great news is that we don’t need to let our views go or change them at all. We just need to see them for what they are, and they will become less significant for us automatically, which will then allow our authentic selves to come through and take over the show with full enjoyment, energy and creativity. Don’t buy the “perfect” stories your mind creates. Just have some space between you and your stories. Everything else works itself out when we connect with the reality instead of the illusions.

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