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A Little Bit Of Your Flavour is Enough

When we approach our work as an art that has no borderlines, we trigger the creativity to come out and guide us. - Just like a farmer that listens and considers all of the factors involved in helping his crops, while asserting only a sprinkle of his own self in it. Just like a chef that senses what would make the entire creation of the dish a high quality dish, and only inserts a pinch of their own flavour. Just like a musician in a band understands when their instrument is useful for the creation of the song. Our work, relationships, Health and leadership only needs a little bit of us in it, and all other forces at play, together makes the creation come alive with much more ease and grace. . Too much salt, ruins the dish. . Too much soil, ruins the plant. Too much flute, ruins the song. Too much personality, ruins the project.

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