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World Mental Health Day

Today is #WorldMentalHealth Day. . It would be very helpful to have more people learn about what Mental Health is. . We know so much about Mental Illness. We know about... .

... Anxiety ... Depression. ... Mental disorders ... Schizophrenia ... Stress ... Personality disorders. . . We also know so much about how to manage it. . . We are a well educated society on what Mental Illness is and how to “cope” with it. .

.However, learning about Mental Health is learning about... .

🔹 How naturally Resilient we are.

🔹 What our Potential beyond our habitual thinking can be .

🔹 What Capabilities do we have to experience perfect Mental Health .

🔹 Where does our Confidence come from .

🔹 What Self Esteem is .

🔹 Where do our Emotions come from .

🔹 What Inner Resources we are using moment to moment .

🔹 How we Create our Mental and Emotional Experience. .

🔹 How we have access to our inborn Common Sense and Wisdom

🔹 How we are using or misusing the Gift of Thought we all have When we learn more about what Mental Health, we start to experience more of it, because that is our natural state. What we focus on, always expands. . In the words of Dr Roger Mills, Ph.D.

. “The core state of Mental Health and Resiliency has nothing to do with coping skills. It is not achieved through analysis or manufactured by will power. It is not automatically engaged by building a person's ego or self-image. Rather it comes naturally as breathing. It is so natural, in fact, that often we only notice it in its absence”

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