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Look for Possibility Instead

We are all so quick to identify all the problems in our life.

We go off trying to fix all kinds of issues that we think are so important to get straightened out. . The real issue with the approach of identifying problems and chasing them down to solve them is that we are always stuck in the same levels of thinking patterns of the problems. . We can’t see possibilities when we are busy identifying problems. . To see possibilities requires a completely different level of thinking. . We have to be willing to allow ourselves to identify possibilities, not problems in order for radical change to happen in the shortest time. . Identifying possibilities creates opportunities and expands our creativity out in a fun, lighthearted and helpful way. . Identifying problems contracts our mind, and has our mind focusing on identifying more problems. . Does that mean we should be in denial and ignore our problems ? Of course not. . But it is clear and evident that when our creativity is out as we are on the thinking level of identifying possibilities, the solutions to problems also occur to us. . Imagine if you focused on possibilities how many problems will be solved as a by product while you also have fun identifying all the opportunities that are created in the process. .

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