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Whose Business Are You In?

Often times we forget what our own business is.

We unconsciously expect people to be a certain way. We expect things to work out a certain way. We have stories.

When we think a certain amount of progress should be made in a certain amount of time, that is a story

Who made up the time limit of how long something should take?

If we think it should take a certain time limit, we unconsciously create stress around it which breeds more self shame.

Byron Katie talks about how there are 3 kinds of businesses for each person.

1. Our business. 2. Other people’s business. 3. God's business.

Our business is to keep showing up. That’s in our control.

Other people’s business is how they react or respond. If we expect something from others in any way, we are in other people’s business not in ours.

This doesn’t serve us at all.

God's business is when something is supposed to happen. - This should’ve happened by now” -

“where’s my opportunity I’ve worked so hard” - It’s urgent that this happens or else...”.

That’s god's business not ours.

What’s possible and not possible is really not our business.

Ours is to only show up one step at a time.

So my question to you today is... . Whose business are you in ? . And also, if you just show up in your business more often, how much more clarity and momentum could you generate ? .

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