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We Feel Our Thinking

The other day I woke up feeling insecure. And as soon as I started to think what this might be about, I then started to pin it on things.

If I continued down that path, I would get really confused and tired from trying to figure out or fix my thinking that looked like a real problem.

Thanks to the teachings of one of my favourite spiritual teachers - Sydney Banks- I have a deeper understanding now of how my mind and emotions actually work.

It’s so helpful for me to remember that the only reason I feel insecure is because of the quality of thinking that’s going on in my head. It’s never about what my mind wants to attach it to. It’s not about my health, or business or money, or relationships or impact or contribution in others lives. It’s always only because there is low quality thinking that’s at play in the moment.

And as soon as I’m willing to accept that it’s only low quality thinking happening in the moment, it has zero impact on how I show up with clarity and confidence.

But if I let my personal mind pin that thinking on things that it looks like it’s about, it stays and I show up insecure and doubtful.

That’s literally the shift between me being victimized by my thinking, or experiencing a free and neutral state of mind.

A neutral one gives me the freedom Of mind to see that “things” cannot cause emotion or distortions within me, Only my thinking can do that.

And a neutral state of mind also allows me to curiously play more with how I want to show up without adding corrupted thinking patterns or emotions to the equation, which then naturally results in more connection, presence, clarity and engagement with whatever it is I’m up to. Which is what happened with my day.

I was able to leave my thinking alone after I recognized it for what it is, and because I didn’t take it so seriously it passed quickly and I had a pleasant day.

Sometimes I get caught up and don’t see it as thinking which has me looking at my world with seriousness and urgency and results in an unpleasant day.

But with more understanding and awareness, those days are fewer And fewer now

What is really cool about understanding the mind and emotions in a deeper way, is that it works the exact same way for every human being.

When we are feeling...

Angry Stressed Frustrated Anxious Fearful Doubtful Insecure Guilty Shameful Rejected Aggressive Hostile Resentful Judgemental Worthless Overwhelmed Worried Nervous Inadequate Jealous Annoyed ...

it is an indication of an unstable state of mind.

It doesn’t tell us anything about people, our capabilities, circumstances, or our past and current events.

It is simply letting us know that we are in some stinky thinking, and the best thing to do when we’re in this state is to leave that thinking alone until it passes.

If we believe it’s because of something outside of us, we will try to fix it or sort it out, and not only will this amplify the negative emotions and have them continue, but it will also show up as dysfunctional behaviour.

It is important information for us to understand that our emotions can... only... ever... and... always... reflect.. our... thinking.

Our emotions don’t give us any information about anything outside of our thinking.

If we can leave our thoughts and emotions alone, and not try and pin it on something outside of us, we can naturally show up in a more neutral way which results into healthy behaviour, understanding and harmony.

Emotions are not a representation of reality, they are only a reflection of our thinking.

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