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Powerful Questions

Questions are powerful.

They can help us experience a deep shift within ourselves in one single moment. .

Our entire life can change if we are only willing to explore powerful questions with a curiosity. .

When we challenge ourselves to ask and be asked powerful questions without mindlessly assuming answers that our mind creates, we go beyond our uninspired mind. That’s when we can discover the freshness and potency of our real, unfathomable, indescribable potential. . I work with an extremely wide range of people within the work I do, and I often find that most people, if not all, find it difficult to stay with an unanswered question. . I do that as well.

I now pay more attention if I find myself wanting to conclude instead of explore, and as soon as I catch myself I slow down and leave that question alone to let it percolate. Just leaving the question alone has helped me gain insight into myself and my next level tremendously. . We are all culturally conditioned to approach life so much from our intellectual capacity, that we have almost buried our innate intelligence with a bunch of data that we have gathered over our lifetime from all the courses we have taken, books we read, people we follow that we admire, and all the direct and indirect influence we have been affected by. . That’s one of the reasons transformational work is important for us to explore.

And transformational work is not about getting more information, it’s about questioning the information we have gathered.

It’s about questioning our assumptions and our thinking patterns.

Transformational work is about discovering a deeper dimension within ourselves. When we can dive into ourselves a bit more, we can uncover and awaken that innate intelligence once again. . And when we get a glimpse of that intelligence that’s beyond our mind, we get to approach life with a much greater capability than the one we have so carefully honed within our own psychological capacity.

Questions open up new dimensions. . Here are some powerful questions that I use with my clients and I often ask myself these as well to disrupt the stale patterns of thinking.

What is the single most fun aspect of your life ? What is the most surprising thing you have discovered about yourself in the last year ? What are you not doing in your life that you know fires you up ? How do you want to use your life ? How will you know you are living a good life ?

I invite you to explore these questions with a partner or do it yourself with a journal and see what comes up for you.

I hope they will be as helpful for you in your life as they have been for me and my clients. - Much love, Shenan.

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