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There is a Different Happiness

If our happiness is dependant on something outside of us, it will be gone when that something leaves our life.

That kind of happiness is fleeting and based on an emotion.

There is another kind of happiness.

The one that’s before all thoughts or emotions.

It’s before our intellect is developed enough to quickly try and assume what makes us happy.

It’s the happiness that we have all experiences as children, and now see in children.

It’s so ordinary, so we miss it when we look for it through our contaminated minds.

Children are in a state of happiness that is not about anything.

It's a natural state.

I have found that for me when I am coming from this state of happiness that is about nothing... (And it is a place to come from, not a place to get to) ...then I am much more clear, less attached to Any outcome, and my attention is not on or about me.

I seem to be more present, involved and engaged with reality.

And when I’m not coming from this space, I seem to have more distortions in my perspectives.

I miss noticing the level of connection that’s available beyond my mind.

When I am not happy and I’m trying to be happy, then I am approaching reality with warped views.

And that’s simply unhelpful.

When I come from my happiness, I am much more helpful and useful to everything I do, and everyone I encounter... including myself.

We can only Be Happy, we can’t Do Happy.

As the late great Bob Marley says Don’t worry, Be happy!

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