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Are You Willing to be Provoked?

I love looking for scriptures I can read and people I can listen to that provoke what I think to be true.

When I can be curious to see something insightfully beyond my current understanding, or the beliefs that hold me, I get excited.

But often times before that inspired excitement hits, I get offended or my feathers get a bit ruffled.

And I love that.

In the past, My reactions were much more rapid and ignorant coming from a closed mind to anything that provoked me.

I would impulsively form an opinion about what has just clashed with my mind and I would immediately dismiss it only to go back to my old ways of being.

Which didn’t help me grow.

But as I started to see more that that my greatest learning and inner growth happens from being willing to be challenged, kindled or even annoyed, I welcomed that even more.

And as I did that, my inner growth started to take flight much faster and with less effort then before.

In other words, when my ego was bruised, my soul was caressed.

It often takes our surface to be rattled before our roots get deeper.

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