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Curiosity & Empathy Work Better

There is clearly a lot of discussion around the abortion laws that have gone into effect. . On my feed, I see a lot of defensiveness and anger projected from both PRO and ANTI viewpoints. .

Let’s try and remember that we all are still exactly the same human beings as the other underneath our view points, and it’s much more helpful to all of us to be kind rather than try and push our points across. .

You and I are not our opinions and beliefs, and neither is the person who has an opposite view from us. . Being kind is not being passive.. But wouldn’t it be more helpful to spark a conversation based on curiosity and empathy with what we oppose so that we can learn more about how people have arrived at their viewpoints, and have a chance to educate them on our views, instead of only looking for agreement with our own views and aggressively defending them ? A greater humanity grounded in values of inclusion, empathy, and expansion doesn’t come from projecting our frustrations... no matter how sophisticated we sound. . But it may come from understanding that we are all beyond our view points, and we are exactly the same underneath the beliefs that we seem to be so married to. . And a different conversation can be possible.

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