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Our Perception is a Veil.

Our perspective of reality is created by the illusory nature of thought. (Just like the upside down triangle in the picture. There is no triangle. It's just an absence of ink. Our mind creates a perception to make sense of the negative space)

Perception is an active, creative process where sensory data is organized and given meaning. Perspective is a veil.

If you are trying to change your perspective, you might only be changing it to a better illusion. And this might seem helpful because it can be effective temporarily, but it's not sustainable in the long term. So instead of trying to work on changing our perspective and doing all the work behind that to maintain the change, what if we looked at how the perception is created instead?

What if we looked at what's before perspective?

What if we step away just enough from our perspectives, whether bad or good, to see that the nature of thought creates all perspectives and it's not actually necessary to be attached to any particular one?

Would that be more helpful to experience reality in a neutral and less opinionated way?

Would this way be more helpful to live with less stories and have a richer experience of life?

I explore and wonder this myself.

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