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For the last 8 years or so, I’ve gone through many changes in my life. When I reflect back to all the times I consciously wanted to make changes in any aspect of life, I recall struggling a lot in having true lasting change happen. My focus was often in making changes to my attitude and the unproductive patterns that I thought I was operating from. .

I was someone who continuously looked for more information and was always on the search for more strategies, techniques and how tos’ in the personal development books I read and the people I followed that preached the strategies which worked for them, so it made sense to try and change my behaviours, habits, and even focus on changing my attitude towards life. And while this was sometimes effective in seeing some change happen in my life over time, more often than not it wasn’t, and I found that whatever changes that were made never seemed to be truly sustainable.

Maybe because it didn’t actually change me and only created surface changes in my external world. What I missed seeing was that adopting someone else’s idea of how to change muddled up my own levels of clarity and access to my own wisdom. As time went by, I found myself often going back to my old habits and behaviours trying again to change the same exact ones frustrated as to why it seemed to take so much effort to experience real lasting change.

What I later realized was that my attitude, habits and even behaviours were only symptoms of the perspective I was looking at the world from.

Essentially, what I was attempting to do was trying to change the symptoms without looking to see what the cause was. Which of course, now I can see that it was the state of mind I was in that created my perspective of reality. .

Funny enough, when I wasn’t thinking about what I needed to change, I was doing just fine. . As I started to see how my perspective was responsible in creating my habits, it stopped making sense for me to try and program myself to have better habits or change the symptoms, and direct my attention more towards what was actually creating these patterns of habits and behaviours...When we have a cough (symptom), we wouldn’t want to try and cough a different way to get rid of the current one. We would want to look at the cause of the cough. ..Why would our approach be different with our habits and behaviours (symptoms)?

When we don’t look at the cause of these patterns, we continue to struggle to experience true change. Which was the position that I was in.

So, as I started to look more into understanding how my perspective was created, I also started to see that it fluctuates moment to moment based on what kind of thoughts I am believing in that moment. I don’t need to believe my thoughts and interpret them to be a reflection of reality.

As my understanding grew, it became evident to me that I didn’t actually need to change my habits, behaviours, attitude or any unproductive patterns I had, but instead If I could just continually look towards how my perspective and interpretations were created, I would understand more and more how what I was experiencing was a consequence of that.

This new direction helped me experience a transformation of myself in a much easier way with so much less effort because now I had allowed my capabilities to enhance, and my perception shifted on how my experience was being created through the gift of thought that we all have. Consequently, experiencing transformation changed my attitude, habits, behaviours and unproductive patterns because I wasn’t looking at them as problems anymore but only a byproduct of the state of mind I was operating from.

At the times when I get caught up in a lower mood with a contracted view of life, and I’m tempted to look at changing my external world, I can remind myself that it’s much easier to wait till my mind self corrects to its natural free and clear state before I look at trying to change my external world again.

Life truly is simple, and it’s only our misinterpretations that complicate it by wanting to make changes to things that are already transient in their nature.

If you’re struggling to make changes to your behaviour or attitude, I invite you to take a step back from that and look towards how they were created in the first place. I’m willing to assume you will be quite surprised by what you find.

Here’s to your Eternity and Humanity.

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