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Less Thinking = More Reality.

A Mind with less thinking naturally has more clarity, and a mind with more thinking has more stress and clutter.

When we have less thinking on our minds we are more in touch with reality. We are naturally more present to what we're doing and we are naturally being who we really are. Without effort.

You may have noticed that sometimes you may not be fully listening to what's being said in a conversation. Or maybe you've noticed yourself not fully present while in traffic, a phone call or an event. Or maybe you've noticed others be this way.

This happens when we're stuck in our thoughts.

We're unable to be present to the unencumbered reality of what's in front of us. And we show up with our distorted thinking filtering reality. And while we do this innocently and unintentionally, it takes us away from what's happening in the now.

We are blessed with the gift of thought to create our world and all that's in it. But when misused, this same gift can have us stuck in a world of illusory thoughts.

After all, all thoughts are illusions.

The less thinking we do and have, the more clarity and presence we can participate in. The more we can make ourselves available to the reality in front us. And the more we are present to reality, the less effort, and confusion shows up in our consciousness.

Less thinking = more reality. More thinking = less reality.

We all get caught up in the illusory world of thoughts. However, the more we can understand the nature of thought, the more we can let it do it's thing while we show up to be present to the reality that's in front us.

Being present to what's real is a byproduct of understanding even just a little bit about the nature of thought.

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