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One of the Sweetest Gifts I have Received.

I am incredibly grateful for the work I get to do.

It’s the most fulfilling and creative work I have ever allowed myself to get into. And I don’t think I can ever completely describe it, because it seems like every time I attempt to I have to reduce it to words, and that can never do it enough justice.

I love witnessing my clients expand beyond what they or I could ever imagine, and watching them have deeper experiences of every aspect of their existence while creating their life the way they really want to from a free and loving space.

It’s the second best feeling in the world only to falling in love.

To me, that is the best gift I could ever receive.

And at the same time, when I receive a gift like this it reminds me of why I got into this kind of work. One of my clients, (pictured above) Helena Bianchi from Peak Performance Architect, has really touched me with this beautiful gift she gave me recently.

She took some past posts and pictures (including my baby pics) from my facebook and Instagram and compiled them into a book. It’s one of the sweetest gifts I’ve ever received.

To know that I have played a role in someone’s life in such a way that they would take the time and effort to put together something like this really fills my heart up. I am deeply thankful to Helena for this amazing and extremely thoughtful gift. It helps me realize that there is a difference being made through the work I choose to do, and it also helps me stay the course when the road gets challenging. I get to visit this book when I need a reminder of what I myself have learned, and to also not take myself so seriously. (Thanks for adding silly pics of me in there)

I’m looking forward to jumping into this new book by Jordan Peterson as well. Thank you for that. I have heard great things about it.

And also, thank you for the hand stitched Italian leather journal (I love my journals). You’re such a joy to work with and I love what you’re doing in your world.

Helena, You’re continuously growing in different dimensions and serving your clients in deep and powerful ways.

What you bring to the world is so unique and incredible with your extensive background in Biology, Brain, and Heart research and as a Biochemist by profession. That combined with your burning desire to help people live better, healthier and fuller lives is a wonderful asset to the world.

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