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Look Inwards.

Decorating our external world might look like it's changing our life, but all it does is change the content of our lives.

And we remain the same. This uses much more effort, energy, will power and becomes exhausting over the years.

Because internally, we are still run by the same perspectives.

Looking inward exposes our misunderstandings of how we view the world. And as those fall away, our paradigm shifts and our perspectives grow. We are able to zoom out and see more.

And this leads to external change with less effort, less seriousness and less complications.

Because as we change internally, we make high quality choices externally that have a higher level of value and are reflective of our entire lives going forward.

We are going to live for the next 20,30,40 years, so wouldn't it make sense to make choices based on how those years will be affected?

Look within, do the work there, and watch the outward reflect your perspectives.

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