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The Truth About Thoughts.

Trying to change our thoughts implies two things.

1. We've taken them too seriously and think they're real. 2. We are scared of them.

Once we can see that they are just thoughts, no matter how real they look, it becomes futile to try and change them.

The truth about thoughts are, we cannot change them in a sustainable way.

It's a misunderstanding.

A grown adult has approximately 50-60k thoughts per day. To try and change them we would have to quit our jobs. Also important to notice is, we seem to want to change only the thoughts that don't feel good. This suggests we have classified what's good and what's bad on something that's completely neutral.

What if all of them are neutral and don't need change?

What if we can step outside of our thinking to see that it's just thinking?

Would we still need to change them?

Trying to change our thoughts is a game that we will always lose. Because we didn't invent thoughts. Just like we didn't invent trees. So we can't change the leaves of a tree. It's a part of nature.

We cannot change our thoughts on a sustainable basis. We can however change how we react to our thoughts.

We get to choose how serious we want to take them. We have the innate ability to choose what we react to.

And how we react to our thinking determines our feelings, behaviours and actions.

It's simple, and indescribably life changing.

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