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Why Most Relationships Fail.

Think about why you chose to be with a person in the first place from the very beginning. I'm willing to take a stab at it and say it's because you simply enjoyed them.

Nothing else.

Because at first, we don't even know anything about them. We get involved with someone because we simply enjoy their presence. We are in a nice feeling together.

And as time goes by, and we get to know each other, we unconsciously start to have ideas and opinions about them.

All of which are made up by our own interpretations and assumptions that we mistakenly take as truth. Then we build on those Interpretations and communicate our misled truths less and less. And before we know it, we forgot why we chose to be with them in the first place.

We forget the enjoyment. The presence. The lighthearted fun.

And this is the fundamental reason most relationships fail.

They forget the initial curiosity and enjoyment they once gravitated to. So to keep any relationship alive and thriving, it's important to bring it right back to the basics.


That's it.

Because all else was made up along the way anyways. The enjoyment was real and true from the start.

What do you really enjoy about that person's presence regardless of the opinions you have made up about their character and personality?

Can you connect back to that reality of pure and innocent enjoyment of each other?

It could change the game by bringing it right back to where it started.

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