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ONE Source of Inspiration.

There's is always only ONE source of inspiration ever.


It may look like we get inspired by a speech, a person, place or thing.

You may feel that your inspiration comes from something outside of you that feels good. You may think you are inspired by a story, or a cause. You might even think you are inspired by a book or a project.

But I assure you.

It's coming from only inside of you.

I know this might sound simple and obvious, and it can be torn in technical ways. But when you really look into it, you can see that it is true, that nothing can come from outside of you.

Everything comes 100% from inside of us.

This is really freeing and empowering.

Because if it comes from inside of you, you are not tied to get any inspiration from outside yourself. You are not limited by what or who inspires you. Because you are the inspiration.

When we know that our inspiration is the vastness of the potential that's inside of us and that when we have more clarity of mind, inspiration is just waiting for us to notice it, it changes the game.

It means we are what inspires us.

What lights you up about yourself ?

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