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You Are Your Best Friend.

You know how we hear all the time that we are our own worst enemy? Well that isn't actually true.

The Truth is, that we are thinking beings.

And while we don't control the thoughts we have, we can chose which thoughts to engage with and react to that ultimately shapes our physical reality.

Our worst enemy, so to speak, is nothing but the misuse of our thoughts.

When we misuse this beautiful gift of thought we have, We create our own Stress, Fears and Insecurities.

And when we use our thoughts correctly, we create our reality of Love, Peace and Freedom. What we actually are is the space in which those thoughts occur.

Because the nature of thought is that it fades. So we can't be anything that fades.

What we are is the changeless, formless permanent space that is loving and full of pure potential. It's actually the place before thought.

So in that sense, You are your best friend. And you always were.

But you mistook your thoughts as the Real you.

Your thoughts can be a bully. But the Real you is always pure love.

The only person you ever need to look at for everything you ever need is the Real you. Because that's what's operating our life anyway.

There's your reminder of how f**king amazing you actually are.

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