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Being Human.

To be human is to embrace the experiences our state of mind creates.

We, as a culture, run away from our internal experiences so much that it creates all types of confusion and misunderstandings in all areas of our lives. And misunderstandings are what we suffer. When we are experiencing low moods, we are so quick to try and change them with coping mechanisms, strategies or techniques that we actually make them worse. Trying to change our emotions has them repressed and they leak out in our work, relationships, family, leadership etc etc.

Trying to change our emotions also implies that we are scared of them. We don't like them.

Our experience doesn't work that way. Emotions are energy.

They ebb and flow at their own rhythm.

The more we mess with them, the more they get out of rhythm and we feel disturbed. often leading to long term dysfunction. Us not liking our experience is like a baby that doesn't like it when they're tired. If you've ever noticed, when a child is tired and also doesn't like it, it's a lot worse. They cry and throw a tantrum and their experience becomes a lot more dramatic. When we as adults are tired, we just acknowledge it and get some rest when we can. The moment we don't like it when we're tired, our experience become 10x more intense.

It's the same with emotions.

We get angry, sad, anxious, stressed, depressed etc. So what? That's part of the experience. There's nothing to do about it but let it ride out just like we do when joy or delight is what we're experiencing. It's just an experience. It fades on its own accord. The moment we don't like our experience is the moment we voluntarily create a drama out of it and it starts to become intense.

So in other words, if you're being human, it will be easier than if you don't like it that you're being human.

Knowing that we're not our experiences, but we're the space in which the experience occurs, allows for us to be less scared of the experience while enjoying being fully human.

Once we get being human, we also show up better at our work and relationships.

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