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All Beliefs Start With Thought.

The root origin of our beliefs start with a single thought.

The form of beliefs are generated from a thought.

Beliefs are simply thoughts that we have elevated to a higher respect. It's not good or bad to have beliefs. But it's very useful to know the truth in how they are created, because a lot of us have beliefs that keep us from growing.

The beliefs we have can define us unintentionally and they cause suffering. But when we can see that it's created from thought, like everything else we experience. And we can know that all thoughts are illusory in nature, we can start to look at the truth instead of trying to believe our way into what we think is the truth.

Believing takes a lot of mental energy. It creates an additional step in the thinking process that can be unnecessary a lot of times. When we know... beliefs are unnecessary.

What do you believe in?

Does it serve you or hinder you?

A wonderful quote by Elly Roselle says "A belief is not an idea held by the mind, it is an idea that holds the mind"

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