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What Is Your Dream?

What makes you electrified just thinking of it?

What are you scared to talk about because it's so fucking odd, you think others will laugh at you, ridicule you, or tell you it's impossible?

What have you told yourself is impossible?

What is that single mission that you keep gravitating towards and can't stop thinking about? You read everything about it. You spend your spare time immersed in everything you find about this one thing. It doesn't even make sense to you that it's actual work.

What is that one thing that you give up food and sleep for so effortlessly and unconsciously? What keeps calling you and you keep making reasons as to why it's not for you, or you will do it after you reach a certain level, and yet it still keeps calling you?

What is it?

Everyone has at least one dream that they can't stop thinking about. Or maybe you've convinced yourself to hide it for now and it's not in the front of your mind. I want to disrupt that.

I invite you to bring it to your forefront and speak to others about it. I encourage you to write about it, draw it out in a big poster.

Tell me about it.

Ask others how they can get involved.

Live from your dream as if it's already in play.

Because what's in play in your mind is what you're creating in your physical reality already.

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