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Assume and You Will Make an Ass Out of You and Me.

Assume and you make an ASS out of U and ME (Ass-u-me). Our personality often wants to assume things about others.

That's our ego wanting to fill the need to know. We come up with conclusions about what we hear and we don't realize that it's not the truth. We often miss the possibilities of looking at different angles because we are so busy concluding what we think is absolutely the truth. This is toxic because it leads us to believe with conviction into a misunderstanding.

Our innocent commitment to misunderstanding breaks up good relationships, breaks up trust, and intimacy, Increases conflict and judgment and leads to disengagement with others, and the personality/ego always wants to assume. When we assume about others, we miss out on appreciating the truth.

It's the one that concludes who misses the beauty.

When we assume in business we lose out on profits. When we assume in health, we miss out on reality. When we assume on leadership we miss out on connection. And when we assume things about ourselves, we miss out on our creativity.

The road to conclusion starts with assumption and gets extremely chaotic with each step, but luckily, the antidote to this is as simple as being genuinely curious. Curiosity expands our understanding and our world, while assumptions contracts it. Our mind hates being Curious. It doesn't like to leave questions unanswered. And that's exactly the way to the truth. Questions.

Having the courage to ask questions even when we don't understand leads us to simplicity and intimacy.

It is the way of connection. It's the way to get to facts.

Don't believe your assumptions.

Be willing to park the personality and ask questions with a genuine curiosity. Expand your world. Expand your circle. Expand yourself.

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