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Every Single Experience.

Every experience comes from the thought we are having in the moment.

When a thought enters, it produces a feeling in us.

Our senses, perceptions and emotions come alive from experiencing this thought. And the more we turn that thought into thinking, the sharper and more realistic our experience seems.

For example, if I think about something that irritates me long enough, I will get feelings of anger formed in me.

And all my senses, and perspective will be impacted by this thought. The same goes for when I get a joyful thought.

The mind tricks me to think that what I'm experiencing is real only because my senses come alive from it.

It feels so real.

But what's real, is beyond the experience because experience, just like thoughts and feelings... fade.

What remains is the unchangeable. And that is the reality.

To create from the unchangeable reality with no emotion gives me the clearest and most sustainable perspective.

Because to create from that space is to create with clarity of mind. Creation from a less active mind gives me the access to insights from the formless world.

The world of pure Love.

And for me, the world that is beyond my senses is the world of reality.

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