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We Are All Born Happy.

We are all born happy, completely in joy and in the present moment.

We don't know concepts like worry and stress. We laugh, we love, we play and we learn freely with no limits. Then as we grow up, we get conditioned on how we 'should' be in the world. What we should wear, what we should look like, eat, dress like, where to work, what to watch etc etc. And the filters start to set in place creating patterns and habits that often seem hard to break out of.

Some of us, who realize this start to make the changes to get back in touch with our innate happiness and well being., so that we can Live and experience the richness of life again. Others die without ever having touched that space within us again.

The good news is: we don't have to work so hard to get to that space again.

If we look closely, the only reason we really don't Live a deeper and meaningful life is because of our thinking about life.

A lot of us are distracted from the abundance life offers because of the limits we have made up with the thinking that we do, and as soon as we can see that, we can pop out of it back into what life is offering us each moment. The beauty of experiencing life and all of its nuances is not found inside our heads, It's found in plain sight in front of us, but we have to allow ourselves to see it. And for me, to really LIVE means to experience all the ups and downs that our emotions take us through because to really live, is to be less scared of our thinking and feelings so we can experience them in the depths and highs they offer us.

And the times that we don't feel we are really living, we are actually just shutting down from our emotions, most likely because we're scared of them.

Live fully by experiencing yourself.

And all other experiences will follow.

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