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Is Fear Really That Important?

As a culture we give so much importance to Fear. When In fact, it's just another emotion we experience which is quite irrelevant. So many of us get stuck in fear and allow it to stop us in our tracks. Including myself.

Fear of rejection, failure, success, invalidation etc all comes from us giving Fear too much importance.

We either put it on a pedestal and go on this futile journey to try and overcome it in some creative but ultimately useless way because it never really goes away. Or we ignore it and pretend it's not happening and that just intensifies it. Whichever option we choose from the two, we will still be engaging with it.

But, Once we realize how it's created - Its a reflection of Thought in the Moment- same as Anger or Insecurity ~ we can automatically see that it's not something that needs to be dealt with. It passes when we don't engage with it. It also doesn't need a reason attached to it. Doesn't matter why we are fearful. It just is what it is. A feeling.

When I get fearful and I think there's a reason behind the fear other than just thought, I start to put content to it. I start to misunderstand what it is that's creating it, and as soon as I do that it affects me negatively. It stops me from moving forward and leaves me exhausted from the energy I spend trying to solve the external reasons behind a feeling.

We can't solve a feeling because a feeling is not a problem.

At the times I don't give it a reason and understand that it's just part of the human experience, like Anger, Insecurity, Joy, gratitude or Sadness, I can still function at full capacity with or without it. When I can realize that fear is just ...fear... and that's it, it doesn't have to be glamorized or personified, it isn't that much of a bother.

Looking into the direction of the human experience is more useful than dissecting each emotion and trying to overcome them all one by one in hopes that I will one day be free from them.

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