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The Secret to Your Freedom Is In Your Reactions.

The only real power, control and choice we ever have in every moment is how we react.

We have a choice in how we react to any situation or circumstance, and we also have a choice in how we react to our thoughts and feelings.

That is where our freedom starts.

We don't control what thoughts we get in the moment, but we do have a choice in how we want to relate to it, and how we choose to relate to it creates our reality. That's where reaction comes in.

What are you used to reacting to?

If it seems like you are reacting to a person, place or thing, take a look at it again. If we slow down and look at it, we can see that what we're reacting to is always our 'thinking' about the person, place or thing.

And when we can see this, we can also see that through our free will, we can choose how we react to our thoughts.

Change your relationship to your thinking and your life automatically changes.

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