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It's All Thought.

When we are experiencing incredibly low moods and intense feelings, what we are experiencing is ALL coming from the nature of thought.

It doesn't come from ANYTHING outside of us.

So, when we are experiencing anxiety, stress, anger, disappointment etc- we are essentially caught up in insecure thinking.

The fluidity of thought creates a state of mind that is either more or less mentally healthy. What we experience is ALWAYS created through Thought, and the liberating part is that we DO have a choice -through our free will- in how we want to relate to it. If we believe our anxious thinking, we are most likely to act on it thinking it's a real problem and we'll try and find solutions for what we THINK is a problem. The issue here is that, when we are in an anxious state of mind, EVERYTHING looks like a problem. Because anxious and stressful thinking creates a distorted state of mind. And also, the solutions we come up with will be coming from THAT insecure and distorted state of mind. So our best solutions will still be filtered through a destabilized perception of reality.

How effective do you think our solutions are when coming from a DESTABILIZED mind?

The cool part here is that once we can SEE that it's just thought, it loses all its power in an instant and dissolves. There is no process involved. This happens once we understand even just a GLIMPSE of how the nature of thought actually works.

Anxious and stressful thinking is inevitable. We all experience it, but there's nothing to do about it except to realize that when we're in it, we have a distorted state of mind and it is ALL made up of JUST thought. It is NOT real. And the FASTEST way out of that state of mind is to leave it alone.

Once we see this through INSIGHT, we can rest in our natural and INNATE well being and let it pass. Because our natural and default state of mind is one of clarity and well being. Don't be victimized by your own thinking and interpretations of reality.

Thinking is NOT real.

Let it pass and you will rest back into your default design of well being.

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