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Seek to Understand, Not Fix.

Have you ever noticed why when we have low feelings like anxiety, guilt, stress etc they get so intense and they don't seem to leave?

It's because we are in such a rush to solve or fix them.

Have you ever wanted to fix and solve your feelings when you're experiencing excitement, joy, compassion etc? We don't right? That's why they take their natural course and they fade.

It's the same with the low states. We don't need to solve them or try and fix them. It's part of being human. Sometimes we're low and sometimes we're in a higher state. There's no other meaning to it. They are both normal.

I noticed that the more I try and get away, solve or fix a feeling I don't like it's just gets more intense and more stronger. When I do this, I am already judging the completely natural state as a bad feeling, and I am unintentionally not letting the feelings pass. The nature of feelings is to fade on its own without any involvement from us. And the more we try and rush them or direct them in any way, all we're really doing is interrupting its natural flow.

What's been very helpful to me is to understand that Our feelings come from our thinking, and the nature of our thinking is that it fades. It doesn't stick around unless we start to believe it to be real and then attempt to interfere with it.

This understanding has helped me move away from trying to manage or cope with the state of mind I'm in and instead be curious about it and explore the info it's giving me. And as far as I can see, the info I get from my feelings tells me that when I'm in a low state, I'm in distorted thinking and when I feel neutral, calm, pleasant and peaceful, then my head is more clear. And that's all the info I need.

Because from that space, I know where my behaviour is coming from. It either comes from my contaminated thinking, or from a space of clarity.

Seeking to understand is much more helpful to me then looking to fix what I may think is a problem.

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