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What's Your Filter?

What's your number one value in life?

A few years ago I remember doing an exercise of personal development where we were asked to name our top 5 values in life. Because when you choose your top values, your life can be shaped around them consciously. I remember putting down my values as Health, Relationships, Contribution, Finance and Self Care. This served me greatly at the time, because I found myself focused on being sure my daily actions were geared towards these values and each one would deepen as I moved forward. However, What i discovered just a couple years ago, was that this way of living still had me in my head too much and I felt Limited and calculated about every action I took.

It wasn't fun.

This discovery had me slow down and reflect on what I could change. I wanted to be more present in each moment, and be less calculated about my actions. And what came up for me in the moment was that I was missing 'FUN' in my life. So from then on, I made my number one value in life to be none other then Fun. I didn't have 5 values I worked to maintain anymore. I reduced it down to just one - Fun.

And I don't mean the kind of fun that's exciting and temporary, but the kind of fun that brings lightheartedness, creativity and curiosity. The one that you look forward to because you don't know how it's going to be. What happened when I started to live this way was that everything I did in my life went through that filter. If being healthy wasn't fun, I would be guided by my number one value to adjust it. I would change my eating habits and get ways from routines.

I even became more engaged in my workouts when they weren't fun, I would change them so they became something to look forward to each day.

If making money wasn't fun, I'd be governed by my fun value to see what needs to change or what I need to let go of If my contribution wasn't fun in any way, I knew I wouldn't show up powerfully so I would be gently reminded by 'fun' to adjust. What needs to change so this is fun?

I would ask myself. The same went for relationships, all of my relationships, whether personal or business, went though that filter. If things weren't fun, they would need to be adjusted.

Self care became super fun as well. With no limits on what it means or what it's suppose to be.

This also resulted in me living more in the present and less in a calculated intellect space.

Fun is my number one value in life. What do you value most?

What is your number one value in life ?

Or do you have a few that guide your actions?

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