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We Are Designed To Thrive.

Life is never against us. It is designed to thrive.

If we look at how plants are, we can see the default mechanism of plants is to thrive. There's no effort involved in it. It's the systems job. Plants will turn to the sun to get light, will process food and water in order to grow. It's naturally a default process. The same can be said about our bodies. Our liver, for example, is designed by default to clean the body. It's designed to help the body thrive.

All of life Is designed to thrive.

The only thing that stops us from thriving in the direction of effortless design is our own thinking about what is right and wrong.

When we try and control every aspect of our lives, we unconsciously block the design from doing its job. And we often do this by thinking we are responsible for it. This way of living comes from not understanding that we are already designed to thrive, so we use all of this energy and effort trying to control our lives, when in fact, the more we surrender to the design, the less effort it takes to thrive.

If we slow down enough in our minds and look closer, we will understand how life is designed and once we see that, it won't make sense to try and control it anymore.

The more we think, the less clear we are and the less we think, the more clear we are.

The only thing we need to learn is to get out of our own way.

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