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Love is You.

A lot of confusion, anger and ideologies surfacing after the attacks in Paris.

It's okay to be confused. It is the path to clarity, but we shouldn't get so serious about our own ideas that we stop respecting other people's ideas.

Seriousness is a dis-ease. It is our responsibility to respond intelligently to the negativity. The hate towards Islam and Muslims is unnecessary ignorance.

Intolerance will not move any country or person forward. Ever! Life will hit us with a force of rage, anger and sadness. Be the friend that comforts others. Hold space for them to express themselves. Have friends that will do this for you. There is no need for ignorance. We are all blessed with empathy which I believe is our highest form of intelligence.

Let's use it. Focus on your love.

Every person has a story and we have no right to use our imagination to assume ours is more important than someone else's.

I come from a Muslim background and while I don't practice religion anymore, I recall only being taught Tolerance, Pluralism and Acceptance.

What you call yourself, or what anyone calls you is not the real definition of who you are. Those are just labels. No matter how insulting or even flattering these labels are. What defines you is your Love. That's all that exists. That's all you were made of. All else is an attachment on top of that.

See, the human heart is the first organ that's developed into form. The rest of the body grows around that. And the heart doesn't carry fear or hate. It only knows love.

Don't forget where you came from. You came from your heart.

Why let one emotion pull you when all others are in your control?

Activate your love.

Love is not conditional. Love is not thought about. Love is not an emotion. Love is not calculated. Love is not given to some only. Love is not limited. Don't fall into these traps of ignorance and illusions of hate.

Love is infinite. Simply put, Love is you.

So just BE You. Be Love.

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